What else do you get when you hire Pink Apple Studios?

By now I am sure you have looked at the wedding packages that we offer and had a look at the images in the site. You may have even booked and paid for us already and be well on your way to becoming our friends.

You have probably wondered at our pricing and wondered what else you get on your big day.Let me open your eyes a little more.

Gentlemen – You will receive a photographer with enough kit to sink a battle ship.

Not that we need it of course, but right at the alter is not a good place or time for your photographer to say “Just a sec guys, got a bit of an issue here, can you just back up a bit?” We carry two of everything we could ever need, so no embarrassing hiccups.

You also get a person who has been to more weddings than you can count.

A person who knows how to tie a cravat.

Knows how to start a speech (and has written more than one for a frantic Groom).

Knows how that little hanky is supposed to go into that pocket and how to put a buttonhole in without actually using the button hole.

In fact you get the one person who can guide you through your day, stay by your side, help you through strange traditions and generally be there for all those anxieties.
Just ask yourself this – what side should the mother in laws flowers should be on?

Ladies – you get the same as above but also so much more. Your photographer knows how weddings work, and she knows how brides work. When your worried and feeling frantic at all those last minute details, she will be there to ensure that everything is running smoothly. She will have spoken to the officials and will know the wedding details back to front.

She knows how to calm stressed children (and bridesmaids) and she knows what to do when something goes wrong. She will even have a sewing kit in her camera bag.

She knows how to do a dress up properly and the best way to walk in heels that you really “should” have broken in weeks ago. She knows how to set off your hair for maximum effect and she will notice all the little bonds of friendship between everyone.


In fact at all stages through your wedding we will know what’s happening well before you do. After all we see everything and take part in almost every aspect of your day.

We will have looked through your venue and checked out the best places for pictures to be taken, we will have spoken to the wedding planner and requested an itinerary.

We know how the service will go, we know what will happen and which vows you will be saying – we can even give advice on giving a great speech.

I bet you didn’t think about that did you?

All this comes from experience, being a great wedding photographer is not just about technical brilliance, it comes from a hundred other sources that only real experience can bring.