married at last

We see weddings every weekend, and every one of them suprises us in some way or other, from the beautiful brides to the lavish spreads and receptions.

We have to admit that we live a privileged life and one of the perks of that life is that we get to be part of everyone’s special day.

So how did we get married? Did we jet off to distant land? No, we wanted to do something that was close to our hearts and fitted around the business, so an off peak November wedding at Gretna Green it had to be.

We have always loved the idea of just running off and getting married, we love romance and the idea of it just being for the two of us filled us with excitement.

So, on Friday – at 12:00 midday at Gretna registry, Myself and Sharon became Mr and Mrs Kinloch, and my new brother and sister in-law where there to see it and shed some tears.

Sharon looked amazing in a 1950s style dress (which I wasn’t allowed to see until right at the last moment, it was even suggested that I remain blindfolded right up until my own arrival at the office. Luckily this didn’t have to be the case, and I wore what any self respecting Scotsman has to wear to his own wedding – a full Kilt.

Needless to say we had an amazing time and are so happy that we did it. We will have happy memories for years to come.

Who did our wedding photos? Sharon’s brother Phil took the one above and all of the registry office pictures for us as well as some beautiful ones at the hotel, the rest where taken by a photographer that we arranged by telephone on the way to Gretna the evening before the wedding – we didn’t even look at his work first. Why? Because we could! If your getting married at Gretna it a spur of the moment thing – the fun is in NOT knowing and taking a risk.

As it turns out he was a lovely chap and we loved them and can’t wait to see the finished prints.

Colin Carpenter was his name and his site is –