Wow what an opportunity to have. Its been tough at times and its been a really long slog for all the guys and girls on the team, but we can proudly say that its been worth it.
We never ever believed that we would be covering events that drew crowds. But if you told us a year ago that we would be the exclusive photographers for an event that drew 10.000 people we would have laughed at you. But here we are blogging about doing just that. Standing in front of a wedding party and getting that ‘one perfect shot’ can be a daunting experience. Try doing it and getting it right in front of literally thousands and thousands of people.
This is one of the things that makes us different, we don’t feel pressure because we love what we do, we get involved and actively participate, check out the youtube video of us both standing on the stage and egging on the crowd to dance.



Jamie being nuts and egging on the crowd.

Its not that we are showing off, its because it made the pictures AMAZING!!!
To all the Make Taunton Sparkle crew you did an amazing job. A big shout out to Kelly, Huw, the backstage crew, the Grips, the Bands, Schools, and Performers, the Security guys, The Runners, coffee guys, in fact everyone big and small.
Where are we now? Well we are in Scotland, Dundee to be precise, doing another job between getting married and our honeymoon, which we have cut short so we can come back to do a wedding. We are blogging this from room 11 of a Travel Lodge on one of our tablets while Sharon sits next to me editing. Work never stops and we love it.