Studio info and booking.

If you are booking a studio session please fill in the form below.


Planning for your shoot. 

Planning for your shoot is an important part of the process.

The clothing you pick can make all the difference. Try to wear simple colours and no brands. Yes it might be cool today – but in 10 years? Brands like everything, change and come into and out of fashion.

If there are several of you coming to the shoot, it always helps to co-ordinate your colour schemes. Keeping to the same general theme will make you stand out rather than your clothes.

If you have an outfit that you would like to wear during your shoot, bring it. There are no extra fees for outfit changes.

Make sure that your little darlings are well fed and watered before coming and keep in mind their nap times. Grouchy tired children don’t cooperate. Babies can be fed in the studio in a quiet space if needed. Baby wipes and changing facilities are available.

Make sure that your little darlings are clean as well, wipe noses and avoid sweets that might stain.  Listen to some fun music in the car on the way over to get into the mood. Then, just enjoy yourself.


What to expect.

When you arrive at the studio you will be greeted and taken into the lounge to relax. This lets you settle down and gives us a chance to chat about your session.

You can have a nice cuppa or a cold drink from our coffee bar and we can discuss what you would like to get from your shoot.

If you have kids with you, it’s an ideal time for them to explore the studio and get to know their surroundings. Kids love to look around and it really helps them settle in.

There is never any rush to get started.

Once everyone is happy and we are ready to begin, you will be taken through to the camera room. This is a huge 800 square foot room and you can chill on the sofas while we set up for the shoot. We never set up in advance as the shoots are tailored just for you.

Once we are set up with only takes a few minutes – the fun can begin.

Shoots can last anything from an hour or more to just 30 minutes. We don’t charge by time – so there is no pressure to get it all done before time is up. If all goes well the shoot can be shorter – it all depends on how it goes at the time.


Extra goodies.

There are a few extras that can be bought from the studio.

We do sell prints and these are done to the highest quality. We don’t use inkjet photos like some other studios, we have invested thousands on the very latest laboratory printers. These are guaranteed for an entire lifetime.

Extra disks can also be bought, these are inexpensive and can be ordered at any time.

Gift vouchers are also available and can be sent directly to whoever you want them for.

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