If you visit our pages regularly you may have noticed that there are a few changes to things. Well yes that’s true. The first thing you will see is that our editing style is different. Lets talk a little about that.

We love film. Like lots! We started on film and fell in love with the texture and the look of it. Then digital came along and made everything – well – sort of the same. As you know we are not the same as others out there in photography land, oooh no. So we went looking for something to make us different. 

What that means is that we went though or old film stock. 

We have literally thousands of images, taken on dozens of different kinds of film, in so many different kinds of light, it would melt your brainbox.

Over a period of months we poured over pictures and selected our favourites based on the colour and texture of the images. Then we found out what kind of film it was taken on and made different piles of our faves. 

Then the hard part—we had to decide which of the piles which we liked the most. That literally took days and days, but eventually we selected just one colour film, and one black and white. 

Then after that was the EVEN HARDER PART. Actually figuring out how to do it.

We scanned dozens and dozens of photographs and painstakingly sat with our editing software and adjusted hundreds of different options until we had it just right. Then we did it again with another photograph. And again, and again and again……… you see where this is going? We survived on noodles and coffee. 

But…..eventually we found the settings we where looking for and I hope you agree the results are just amazing. We can recreate the original film tones and textures right out of a digital camera. This has even changed the way we take the photographs and use our cameras. Now we even shoot the same way we do with film, taking extra care to get it right first time. 

How strange that when everyone else is looking forwards, we are looking back…..meh, who wants to be a sheep anyway? Not us! We want to be Lamas.