HI! We are Jamie and Sharon Kinloch.


I have been in and around photography for about 19 years now. I have been around a bit, by that I mean I have had loads and loads of different jobs, but kept coming back to photography. To give you an idea, I have 2 and a half Degrees, (I got bored) I have been a Phychiatric Nurse, a Librarian, a Tech Support Agent (3 times), an Insurance Assessor, a Lorry Driver, a Mobile phone saleman, a supermarket warehousman, a taxi driver, and a dozen other weird jobs. The one thing thats always been a constant is my camera by my side. A few years ago somone said “Just start a photography company” and I did. Shame it took so long to figure that one out,

I describe myself as “off normal” which means I like to be different, I always have a hat on and just love the 50s, I have a weird compulsion to keep buying Trilbys. I am a relaxed and kinda chilled out sort of person who sees details and finds myself in the right place at the right time, which is an awesome talent to have if your a photographer.

I have a casual approach to my work, I like to be involved in what I’m doing and what I’m shooting, no sense in being all stuffy.



Sharon asked me to write her Bio for her because she wasn’t sure what to write. So here goes.

Sharon is as “off normal” as me. We have one of those relationships that only happen once in a lifetime. We are best buddies and share everything. (food, money, colds)

Sharon is an amazing photographer and is well accomplished and one day hopes to be as good as Jamie. Because Jamie is just super fabulous at everything and she just swoons every time she sees him. (cough)

No seriously, she is super talented and does all the hard work leaving me to soak up the credit. She is friendly and approachable and although she owns hundreds of pairs of shoes, is at her most comfortable in a pair of Converses. She has been published more times than i can remember and has the most addictive smile you will ever see. She is a river of calm and looks great in a Rockabilly dress. She loves every second of photography and literally lives for weddings.

We work very hard and one of the perks that we get to share with our clients is our very own custom studio. “Pink Studios” is currently housed in a 900 square foot Unit on Bristol Road in Bridgwater, this gives us the ability to expand and be as creative as we like and means that we can finally meet our clients in a place that serves decent coffee.