Well that time has come. Its time for a Blog. There are a few different reasons for this:

 1 – It will help us all stay connected.

2 – We can tell all you lovely people about the new and exciting things that we have been up to.

3 – it will give us a voice and allow you to see what being a Pink Apple Studios is really like.

We intend to use this facility as a diary of sorts; Photographers are notorious for keeping their behind the scenes work a secret. Well we like to be different and hope this will be as interesting for you as it is for us. We want our customers to really know what we are about, we want you to see exactly what we do for you, how we do it and why. I mean you pay for us to take your pictures – then what? Well, we hope to show you exactly what you’re missing.

The only thing that we really do have to overcome is forgetting to update! I don’t know about you, but last time I kept a diary I was a teenager and I think I only ever wrote in it once every two months. So with reminders set, we begin our new adventure – and this time we can take you along with us.