Click Machine

What is it? I hear you ask.

Well this is the very best in digital printing. At £2500 each, this is no pushover and it shows.

We take this to events and use it in the office to create 6×9 Better then lab quality prints.

We say better because nothing comes close to the quality of these prints, the finished photographs are waterproof, fade proof, and can be completely dunked in Coca-Cola all without affecting the image. In fact with the proper care, they are guaranteed to last over 100 years.

If we bring this to your event or wedding there are other advantages for you as well. This little machine connects to our cameras wirelessly and we can print right there and then. In fact it takes about 20 seconds to produce an image that will last your whole life and longer.

Rest assured that if we bring this to your event – you are getting the very best that money can provide. Other photographers offer these services – but not with this technology.

Our setup at a recent Black tie at Taunton School.