Charlie and Tom Moloney.



St Andrews Church


Reception at The Webbington hotel and spa.

Well, Charlie and Tom or as they prefer to be known Bear and Tamsk. I always know where to begin when I sit down to write a blog, but in this case there is so much to say that i am literally lost for words.

To really explain let me set the scene for me at the moment.

Currently i am sitting on the train on my way to London and blogging away like all good photographers do. I have spent the last 20 or so minutes selecting the photographs which look promising enough to show the character of these two wonderful people. Why do i mention this? Because everyone within 20 feet of me thinks i have a screw loose.

Several times of this period i have guffawed, giggled, laughed and outright bellowed. Entertaining does not even begin to describe this couple.

Let us start right at the beginning, a minor history lesson. The name Moloney means “Protector of the church”. In days gone by, from time to time babies would be abandoned by their parents on the church doorstep. These children would be taken in and in return would become warriors. So what could be more fitting than for Tom and the grooms men to arrive sporting very scary looking side arms. Yes that’s right, each of them arrived with very real and very sharp broad-swards.


This was just the beginning!

Never before have we found a ceremony so entertaining, even the vicar gave a speech and that in itself was brilliant. Comic antics all the way through and all done in a truly wonderfully light hearted and loving way.

(oh no - not this again, why is this funny? Because the best man did this, and the groom didn't know until after the wedding)

(oh no – not this again, why is this funny? Because the best man did this, and the groom didn’t know until after the wedding)

Its true that these two are are a match made in heaven, i have never in my life been in the company of two people who radiate as much happiness as this couple.

Anyway i digress (again) Lets take a look at some of the details of their day.


(St Andrews Church – Burnam on sea)

The church was not chosen for its grandure – it is simply the church that they go to. But boy, what a place. It has an unusual spire which just after being completed started to list alarmingly, it shifted about 10 degrees and thankfully stopped and has been unchanged for the last 300 years.

Its a simply beautiful place and well worth a visit.

Charlie and Tom are simply bonkers, but in the nicest way they can be, and their individual touches cropped up throughout the day. Take the men’s cufflinks for example.


The men check out Tom’s new bling.


Have a look at the album below for the rest of their day.

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