When Alex and Holly had told us they had booked Maunsel House for the weekend we knew this was going to be a special wedding. And we weren’t wrong.

The brief for this wedding was a vague 1930s style shabby chic and that theme shined through the entire day.

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Of course Maunsel house is without a doubt the most interesting venue we have ever had the pleasure of attending, not just because of its unique charm, but simply because its such an interactive venue.

There are simply thousands of objects and collectables that are on open display and can be picked up and examined.

Hollys wedding dress was stunning in its simplicity, almost silver and just screaming 1930s charm. She has assured us that it has been altered so many times that it is now a unique one off piece and is irreplaceable. Believe it or not – it started as a strapless dress. I’m sure you will agree though, that it’s simply beautiful.

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There are so many details that this post could go on and on for days, so ill let the gallery do the talking. How about that sweet display? Yes it’s a cart, a full sized cart.

The thrones are also an amazing touch, something that might look tacky elsewhere, just seems to fit in this venue.

The vintage theme carries right through the wedding, and is reflected in our style of photography, have a look at the reveal shot with the bridesmaids, that’s something you only ever get to do once.

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